Empty Capsules for Essential Oil Use

We offer empty capsules for essential oils. While there are many sizes and types of capsules available, we offer the highest quality there is and suggest the use of our vegetarian capsules. These capsules are best for liquid formulations such as essential oils and are best to avoid your chances of the capsules dissolving before use. The empty vegetarian capsules come in sizes 0 and 00. The size 00 capsules hold roughly 14 drops of oil and the size 0 holds roughly 9-10 drops of oil.

How do you fill empty capsules with essential oils?
There are many ways to go about doing this, many choose to separate the capsules and simply drop oil directly from the essential oil vial into the bottom longer portion of the empty capsule. Once fill you can cap the longer portion with the fatter short portion of the capsule. Some capsules do not have a locking feature, all of our capsules have a mechanical locking mechanism and will snap shut with a small amount of added pressure.

Another way of filling empty capsules with essential oil is by using a glass pipette, when filling with a pipette you simply remove the shorter top portion of the capsule, place the tip of the pipette into the longer portion of the capsule and fill and lastly cap and lock the capsule. Do not let the filled capsules sit, utilize them as soon as possible and try your best to avoid over flow as this can damage the capsules structure.