Capsules for Pets

Gelatin capsules are frequently used to encapsulate medications, supplements, vitamins, and other remedies for pets that are foul tasting. By encapsulating these medications the capsules help mask the taste or smell and therefore make administration of the medications more convenient and painless for your pets. Our gelatin capsules are the highest quality capsules you can get and are great for pets. They are flexible, non brittle, smooth and easily digestible. They come in many sizes from size 000 (the largest) to size 4(the smallest). The smaller capsules such as sizes 3 and 4 are common for smaller animals such as cats and small dogs. Size 4 is used for kittens and puppies. Larger size capsules such as sizes 2 through 00 are used for larger animals. Size 000 is the largest and can hold the most material but they are larger and harder to swallow.